The Coronavirus Is Making Visible What Has Been Kept Hidden For Many Generations

Coronavirus is making visible what has been hidden and kept secret for generations. Neoliberalism and neoconservatism have wreaked havoc both at home and abroad, due to selling out to huge corporations on both ends of the political spectrum, racism, militarism, plus rigging elections.

What has been lost?

Every time there is an emergency, huge corporations and billionaires profit. Every time there is a national emergency, huge corporations get bailouts, as the 99 percent suffer and die, while losing precious freedoms, rights and privileges.

The endless illegal wars and criminal scams run by the 1 percent are becoming more visible to many more people.

Never before in human history has an entire healthy world been locked up for a virus that targets mainly only people over the age of 65 with fatalities. For everyone else, the fatality rate is like the ordinary flu or even less. Will this huge global scam of locking up every healthy person under house arrest for many months to years at a time, with no judge, jury or trial suffice to wake up the sleeping masses? Time will tell.

So far, there are not wide spread protests other than for a racist inspired killing by police of a black man, because most people still believe in the myths of patent drugs, patent vaccines. Many people still believe in the delusion that somehow this virus will be eradicated if we only agree voluntarily to stay under house arrest long enough, like 12-24 months. Sadly, none of these myths will turn out to be true, but how long will the masses continue to believe in these false narratives, which should be called propaganda?

In order to wake up worst case, maybe it will take not just losing their jobs, but also all of these unemployment benefits, their health insurance, their vehicles, their other ‘toys’, and then their homes or apartments. Maybe it will take a really dark depression the likes of which we have not seen.

On the side of the 1 percent, the 99 percent can count on two things.. First, the 1 percent will try and force their agenda via top down edicts, which start with ‘stay locked up in your home until we come up with a magical ‘solution’, that we can monopolies and do our pandemic profiteering with.

People have stopped obeying the house arrest orders, due to the racist killing of George Floyd by police, which was evidence of systemic embedded racism. As a result of this killing, cities all over the world have erupted into spontaneous protests, along with some burning, and some looting, which is a distraction from the true purpose, value and meaning of these protests.

Trump was briefly taken to underground bunker amid protests


There is no common sense, no concrete plan, no logic and no bottoms up consensus. Trust the 1 percent, they say. First the 1 percent ‘authorities’ and experts promised it would only be 14 days in quarantine and everything would be back to normal. Then they said 1 month should be enough to get to zero virus cases. Then they promised that it would only take 2 months total for disappearing the virus. Now they promise that it will only take 12 months to 18 months, with no certain outcome, but everyone has to stay locked up, no matter what, for as long as a few billionaires and their pandemic profiteer corporate shills say.

To enforce this top down, 1 percent led jack booted edict from the on high in billionaires offices, there is a plan to use both the police, the national guard, the militia and the military to ‘enforce’ order, and get compliance with their pandemic profiteering ‘master plan’, which will never work, by the way.

Already the pandemic profiteering billionaires have gained tens of BILLIONS in additional wealth. Meanwhile the 99 percent are suffering and dying.

“NON ESSENTIAL” small businesses which compete with the few ‘essential’ huge global corporations are disappearing fast, and that makes the few pandemic profiteering billionaires VERY happy, as they can never get enough. They want absolute power and control over the entire world and they are getting it, fast.

Maybe there will be protests against more than just police brutality, plus illegal murders of US citizens like George Floyd, and embedded racism.. Maybe when people wake up to the smells of 1 percent created homelessness, hunger, divisive chaos, fear mongering and destitution, they will not stop at the useless burning of retail stores and police cars. Maybe they will get mad enough to take back their government from the totally corrupted 1 percent and their souled out politicians that currently control the government. Most US politicians now serve the needs of the corrupted 1 percent, but almost never the 99 percent.

Absolute power does not willingly give up power or control..

Today, it is emergency orders, quarantine stay at home orders for an entire healthy population, national ’emergency’ martial law, tear gas, rubber bullets and pellets.

If and when people wake up to the horror of what is really going on and protest that or shut down the entire predatory capitalistic economy, that may escalate into the US military patrolling the streets, secret police and their informants, total censorship, disappearances of anyone who dares to disagree, plus live ammunition. It may result in a gulag of for profit prison camps where people are used as slaves, to work for free and be absolutely loyal and compliant with whatever order they are given..

Best case, we have a global consciousness and heart awakening, which will solve 99 percent of all problems instantly.


Pray for and focus on the best case of increasing love, empathy, compassion and increased awareness/consciousness, because the darkness of racism, militarism, dictatorship, fascism, and predatory capitalism is growing deeper and darker, faster and faster.

Bottom line, whatever we focus on, grows..

Which will we choose?

Darkness or LOVE, AND LIGHT?

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