Appears LMPD And National Guard Have Shot Dead A Local Business Owner in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE,  Ky. — Gov. Andy Beshear has ordered Kentucky State Police to investigate the early Monday incident that featured Louisville Metro Police and National Guard personnel fatally shooting the owner of a popular West End barbecue business at 26th Street and Broadway. The victim was David McAtee, the popular owner of a barbecue business next to the Dino’s Food Mart parking lot where the shooting occurred around 12:15 a.m. Monday, McAtee’s nephew told The Courier Journal.

Daily Kos Appears LMPD And National Guard Have Shot Dead A Local Business Owner in Louisville.

The right wing media and Trump are pushing the idea of killing all protesters, who they claim are all ‘ANTIFA’, which is an acronym for Anti Fascists. They claim that all ANTIFA terrorists are from out of state, so basically they are like ‘illegal immigrants’ with no rights, despite being US citizens.

Trump also wants to make ANTIFA a ‘terrorist group’ so that any protester can be arrested as a terrorist, and then thrown into prison for life.

I talked with a neighbor who saw all of the above on “TV”, probably Fox News, and he said that the suggestion was to kill all protesters with the military. He thought that was a very good idea. I asked if he had any proof that ‘outside groups’ were responsible for the looting and burning.. He said that the TV told him so. In other words, there was no proof, data or evidence for this.

Now we have the militia starting to follow that kill all protesters ‘order’ from the Supreme Commander Trump, who hid in his bunker when a couple of unarmed protesters were yelling at him near the White House..

Guess who is getting killed? Local small business owners, family members, and kids.