Breaking News: Floyd Family lawyer said private autopsy found death homicide from asphyxia !

“The knee to the neck and the knees to his back both contributed to him not being able to get breath,” said Floyd family attorney Ben Crump in the news conference. “And what those officers did, that we see on the video, is the cause of his death, not some underlying, unknown health condition. George Floyd was a healthy young man. We see in the video he was walking, breathing; he was alive. His cause of death medically was mechanical asphyxiation. The legal determination is homicide. That is it in a nutshell. The officers killed him based on a knee to his neck for almost nine minutes and two knees to his back compressing his lungs. The ambulance was his hearse.”

Daily Kos Breaking News: Floyd Family lawyer said private autopsy found death homicide from asphyxia !

The 4 police officers should all be charged with murder. The one cop basically standing on his neck should be charged with FIRST DEGREE murder, not third degree. The other police officers had a duty and swore an oath to ‘protect and serve’ the public, which includes all minorities.

When one officer is murdering a citizen, it is the sworn duty of those around him to stop him from doing this. If they don’t that is being at least an accessory to murder, or much worse.

The other three officers were all kneeling on this one poor handcuffed guy, literally pressing the life out of him, just like a hunter pushing with all of his weight on a gooses back, in order to stop his breathing.

This is not taught in police academy, and is not part of official restraint policy.

This is systemic racism, white supremacy and murder. The only reason they did not get away with it this time, is because someone filmed it.

The police in the US are the worst in the civilized world for racist murders like this one. They are very comfortable doing it. It is all part of the ‘culture’ of the police, where it seems many racists seem to thrive and hide.