White Evangelicals Attack Antifa Centers | Andrew Hall

Thousands of white evangelical Trump supporters attacked public libraries in the last twenty-four hours. Their stated mission is to act on President Trump’s message that Antifa is a terrorist group and needs to be squashed. Although the number of libraries put to the torch isn’t exactly known, early reports point to the sad fact hundreds were destroyed.

“My kids brought a book home I didn’t like,” Patrick “GED Dropout” Lewis said. “There were words in it I didn’t understand, and that made me mad.”

President Trump vs Antifa

Fearing voters maybe blaming him for *supporting institutional racism, inciting attacks against minorities, destroying the economy, subverting democratic norms, supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin — a known enemy of the United States, and incompetently handling the COVID-19 crisis, President Trump decided to blame the anti-fascist movement Antifa for the country’s recent series of self-inflicted wounds.

Via Patheos White Evangelicals Attack Antifa Centers | Andrew Hall