Philippines drug campaign directive seen as ‘permission to kill’: UN rights office | | UN News

According to the report – mandated by the Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2019 amid widespread international concern – police forces received a “command circular” containing terminology referring to the “negation” and “neutralization” of drug suspects, echoing pledges made by President Rodrigo Duterte.

“This ominous-sounding language was never really defined in this command circular, but this language, coupled with verbal encouragement at the highest level of government for police to kill drug suspects, may have been interpreted as permission to kill”, co-author Ravina Shamdasani said.

She noted that raids on private households were routinely carried out without warrants, while police reports where alleged drug suspects had been killed, shared “very similar language”, raising the question whether they had been completed “pro forma”, rather than describing operations as they really happened.


The problem with giving ‘permission’ for ordinary people to just murder other people with some kind of justification like illegal drugs, is that neighbors or political rivals who don’t like each other, will plant drugs on them, and then murder them, because they are full justified by these ‘lawful’ murder ‘laws’. This is nothing more than full fledged fascism in action.