WTF is wrong with the White House press corps?

Visually it was back to business almost as normal, pre-pandemic, without social distancing, despite ongoing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control to take precautions. . The president seemed to like what he saw.  “You’re getting closer together, even you, I noticed,” Trump remarked to reporters. “I noticed you’re starting to get much closer together. Looks much better.”   . But it wasn’t their choice — the chairs were arranged by the White House. Some journalists and news executives were privately outraged by the bait and switch.

Daily Kos WTF is wrong with the White House press corps?

Our DEAR LEADER sets the example of not wearing a mask and not social distancing, but he expects everyone else to do it. That is insane.. So how is this top down, 1 percent controlled house arrest, social distancing and mask wearing going out in the REAL WORLD?

We went shopping downtown today and it was more than totally CRAZY INSANE.

At Best Buy, we were told we could not go into the store to browse around at all. “Make an appointment” we were told by a store official, who stood guard outside the front door.. The parking lot was almost empty and the store looked like it was nearly empty as well.

It felt like Nazi Germany, where everyone needed a ‘pass’ to move around or do anything. There was no pleasure in going shopping in that store, so we probably will never go back again.

At Home Depot across the street, the parking lot was packed to the gills with every car parking spot taken. It took us about 10 minutes to find a place to park. The store was full of browsing shoppers. No mask was required. We walked in without any problems.

At a lighting store we walked in with no mask required, and wandered around with other people busy shopping for a new light fixture for their home. We dealt with a couple of salespeople. Most of them were wearing masks. There was no line out the front door waiting to get in.

Like most of what Trump does, the laws and rules apply to everyone else, but not to him. He chooses what laws to follow and which ones not to. If he chooses not to follow the Constitution, federal laws, or state laws, so what? He is President and no one can touch him. Yet he claims he is a ‘law and order’ leader. Really?