White House Forced to Delete Claim Video Proves Antifa Plot

THE WHITE HOUSE engaged in an extraordinary act of rumor-mongering on Wednesday, releasing a compilation of viral video clips posted on social media recently by people who believed, wrongly, that the piles of bricks they came across had been planted there by anti-fascist activists, known as antifa, to inspire violence at protests.

Other departments have found themselves forced to debunk viral rumors of imminent attacks from anti-fascists, who use the term antifa as a nickname, but are not members of an organized group, as Trump and his followers seem to believe. On Monday, a police department in Idaho wrote on Facebook that a viral rumor spread by a rightwing militia group, that “Antifa has sent a plane load of their people into Boise and three bus loads from Seattle into the rural areas,” was entirely untrue.

“The Payette County Sheriff’s Office has been monitoring social media posts that have stated FALSE information,” the department wrote. “The Payette County Sheriff’s Office has not had contact with and has not verified that Antifa is in Payette County. The Payette County Sheriff’s Office has not given any specific warnings to our citizens about Antifa or other organizations.”

The intercept White House Forced to Delete Claim Video Proves Antifa Plot

AGR; Remember than ANTIFA stands for anti fascist.

Fascists are like Hitler and Mussolini. Anti fascists are like the US military, the police and National Guard, who are supposed to protect and defend against all ‘enemies’ of the Constitution, freedom and rights that all US citizens enjoy, which fascists are trying to take away.

When Trump claims ANTIFA are terrorists, he is basically saying out in public that he is a FASCIST and that anti fascists are his ‘enemy’.

It is amazing that most of the media don’t mention this amazingly simple FACT.