NYSBA Click to Take Action • Children’s Health Defense

On the topic of vaccination, however, the report strays from common sense into rank salesmanship, attempting to sell people on the idea of COVID-19 vaccine mandates for every man, woman and child in New York State and the country. This is a shocking recommendation with no mention of safety, informed consent or the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions. No COVID-19 vaccines exist today; the infection rate is declining and may never recur; safety and efficacy are completely unproven for vaccines that don’t exist, and yet this report attempts to sell coercive medicine as a good idea.

NYSBA Click to Take Action • Children’s Health Defense
  1. Send an email to the New York State Bar Association telling them what you think. Feel free to copy and paste the letter below. pmcdevitt@nysba.org
  2. Sign CHD’s petition to let NYSBA know that you oppose coercive vaccine mandates. The petition will be hand-delivered by Mary Holland, CHD’s Vice Chair and General Counsel when she speaks before the New York Bar Association, Saturday, June 13, 2020.
  3. Come to Albany this Saturday, June 13. The New York Bar Association (NYSBA), a highly influential group of lawyers, will hold a vote of their delegates on recommending forced COVID-19 vaccination for everyone in New York. Activists will gather at the NYSBA in Albany, then march to other nearby destinations. Address: New York State Bar Association, 1 Elk Street, Albany, NY. June 13th, beginning at 8:30 am.

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