What Happened To The Moral Authority Of The 1 Percent Mandating A Lock Down Of An Entire Healthy Population?

A couple of technocrats claimed that the entire world needed to go under the equivalent of house arrest, despite the fact that only those over the age of 60 and with chronic health conditions were at greater risk of Coronavirus/COVID-19 infection complications.

Never before in human history has the entire world been locked down and put under house arrest just because a couple of technocrats like Bill Gates, demanded that it be done.

Only a very repressive and human rights violating Communist China managed to lock up just one infected region for 60 days and eliminate the virus, according to them.

Bill Gates and a couple other technocrats managed to convince almost the entire world that not just one city, not just one state, but the entire WORLD needed to go under house arrest for many months to potentially YEARS, all with the faint hope that a magical solution would appear that does not exist now.

Bill Gates personally promised that a magical solution would fix everything. He also promises that nuclear power, GMO’s, gene altering vaccines, chemtrailing, and other crazy ideas will ‘save’ humanity, despite never having worked before, and with no scientific evidence that any of them ever will work.

Then George Floyd was killed by police and huge spontaneous protests broke out all over the world. Curfews were ignored. Social distancing was ignored. House arrests were ignored. But very few people were arrested for all of these ‘illegal’ acts that were just part of ordinary Constitutional freedoms before. Those ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’ went away with a supposedly existential threat to all of humanity, but which ended up increasing the fatality rate for only those over 60 with chronic health conditions, for the most part.

The instant that these huge protests happened, the moral authority for Bill Gates locking up the entire world due to fear of a virus that only killed those over the age of 60 evaporated instantly. Things were already headed in this direction, but the protests accelerated the pulling back of the curtain and exposing the old frail man with crazy ideas behind it, who was trying to scare everyone into following HIS dictates via a biased corporate mass media that goes along with whatever is profitable to them.

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