Fear, Lies & the “Mandatory” COVID-19 Vaccine?

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a “public health emergency” last year, he attempted to force parents within the Hasidic Jewish community to vaccinate their children. He blocked them from attending school or other public functions and threatened them with fines for noncompliance.

Mayor de Blasio said that he would use electronic health records to identify those families who had not received the recommended vaccines and compel them to accept the injections. They were not allowed to rejoin society until they complied with the order. They would be fined up to $1,000 for each child that was not vaccinated.

And thanks to digital tracking of health records, authorities would find these people if they refused to comply. When asked about taking such drastic measures against American citizens, here’s what the mayor said:

“It was time to take a more muscular approach. The faster everyone heeds the order, the faster we can lift it.”

And we want you to remember this quote. “The faster everyone heeds the order, the faster we can lift it.” In other words, “Do as we say, and you can have your freedoms back.”

But freedom that can be stripped away at a moment’s notice is not freedom at all, but rather the illusion of freedom. Human rights that can be so easily revoked are not rights at all, but allowances from a benevolent ruling class.

But the message we keep hearing is remarkably similar to the one Mr. de Blasio issued last year: “The sooner we all comply, the sooner we can have our freedom back.”

Comply with what exactly?  Social distancing rules? Wearing useless masks? Getting vaccinated?

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