How Did Potatoes Get So Popular? – YouTube

Do you know the story of how the French public were tricked into desiring the potato? No? Well then, grab your forks and dig in!


How Did Potatoes Get So Popular? – #PropagandaWatch – YouTube

AGR; It is so easy to get public/private agencies like the WHO/CDC or politicians to endorse or pass laws that mandate people get vaccinated and then ‘order’ the consumption of that product by everyone, even if only a tiny fraction of the population wants it.

In the pay to play politicians world, politicians no longer serve the people. They serve the 1 percent who pay them to pass laws that force people into handing over taxpayer money to a few monopolies, like the vaccine monopoly.

Most people never see behind the curtain to observe the often old, white, rich, racist, billionaire who pulls the strings and barks the orders from the corporate owned mass media.