JFK, MLK, RFK, 50 Years of Suppressed History: New Evidence on Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. – Counter Information

However in 2004, the long-archived “Pruszynski Tape” was found in the California State Archives by American journalist Brad Johnson, a senior CNN news writer.[23] This audio recording was judged authentic by forensic analyst of magnetic recordings, Phillip van Praag, whose oscillogram showed 13 shots, including two double shots fired back to back.[24] Two sets of shots with different megahertz patterns were fired from opposite directions.[25]

In 2012 a key witness to the murder went public. Nina Rhodes-Hughes, a fund-raiser for RFK, walked 6-7 feet behind him as he left the stage.  She heard shots from in front of RFK, and then from her right.  She later learned that the FBI had changed her testimony to say that she had heard 8 shots, which she “never, never said…there were at least 12, maybe 14.” Her statements were reported by CNN, Huffington Post, and other major news outlets last year.[26] They exactly mirror accounts of several other witnesses.[27]

Fifty years of research shows that three humane visions of global peace were thwarted by three covert assassinations.

In each case eyewitness accounts were written out of history. In each case the “lone gunman” fiction denied society a true understanding of the deep politics of history.[28]  In each case propaganda masked truth and undermined the public good.

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