The Real Looters; Billionaires And Politicians Who Are In Their Pockets

It is quite a ‘coincidence’ that small businesses globally are pretty much all padlocked, boarded up or destroyed and the people working for those small businesses are pretty much all out of work, and cannot find any other job. But large global corporate businesses are being deemed ‘essential, so they get to stay open and take away all of the business formerly siphoned off by these small local businesses.

Many of these globalist corporate outlets have customer lines around the block, because they are among the few ‘lucky’ businesses that have been deemed ‘essential’. Was it just luck, or was all of this planned?

Now with the latest protests against police brutality, more small businesses have been destroyed or are being boarded up, burned down, or abandoned. Many of these small mom and pop businesses will never reopen again. Many more will fail due to onerous debts taken on during the lock down. Top down, 1 percent edicts and restrictions placed on small businesses will cause many more to fail when things reopen partially. Again, who gains from the destruction, the increased debts, and the limited reopening at just 25 percent of capacity, and who loses?

Coincidentally, huge global corporations and the billionaires at the top of these monopolies are raking in hundreds of billions in profits during the now twin crisis of a global pandemic and ongoing protests that sometimes escalate into riots with small businesses taking the brunt of the losses.

The biggest looters meanwhile, are getting away with the largest amount of loot and are never charged with any crime. Billionaires and their huge globalist corporations are dominating the markets in every country due to these pandemic lock downs.

The 1 percent are taking over 100 percent of the total market share, as small businesses in all categories go under via a massive global lock down, artificially engineered by those same billionaires who are now profiting from the artificially top down created crisis.

There are only 600 or so billionaires globally and they are all getting richer, as the 99 percent suffer, lose their jobs, lose their small business, and potentially lose everything else too. Was this global lock down just by chance, or was it all planned out in advance, with a very specific goal?

Never before in human history has an entire global population been locked up under house arrest, due to any pandemic or epidemic, not even during the global pandemic which was called the Spanish Flu. That pandemic killed an estimated 50-100 million mainly YOUNG people and no nation did a lock down of the entire healthy population, ever, during any part of this global pandemic..

During the years of the Spanish Flu pandemic, only those infected and their direct contacts were quarantined for 14 days. Why are things so different this time around, for a fairly weak virus which attacks mainly those with chronic health conditions aged 60 and over?

The closest we got to this indefinite house arrest, with no end in sight, and no return to ‘normal’ historically is then Native Americans were forcibly removed by the same 1 percent from their nation that they had inhabited peacefully for tens of thousands of years, and then locked up on ‘reservations’ that they could not ever leave. Tribes that left their ‘house arrest’ were hunted down by the military and summarily executed with no trial, jury or judge.

The 1 percent back then got to rape and pillage, while making huge profits off of this racist genocidal scam. Racism was the driving force then, as it is now, with the systemic racism driven by the 1 percent and their top down central planning schemes, frauds and looting on a global scale.

The Native Americans virtual ‘house arrest’ was and still is being enforced by both the US military and the local ‘police’, who made sure that no one left on those worthless lands had business or other opportunities, leaving the ‘Natives’ to starve and suffer in unemployment, destitution, and isolation. All 500 ‘legal’ treaties signed with these Native Americans were eventually broken/violated, right up to today. It was all just a 1 percent inspired racist plan/scam, perpetrated on the 99 percent inhabiting the American continent for the last ten thousand years or longer.

But the 1 percent lived high on the hog and profited handsomely from the recent and ongoing theft, fraud and genocide of an entire continent. Many of these First Nation people do not even have mailboxes or mail delivery because they live so far out there.

Slaves were also kept under house arrest historically in the USA. The police plus military enforced this house arrest as well. Black slaves had to work for free, while also suffering racist rapes, torture, and depravities of all kinds, including lynching if they resisted. Using that free forced labor, the 1 percent built up the largest predatory capitalistic empire on the planet.

Now the entire healthy world is being kept under house arrest for the first time ever. Maybe this is karmic blow back, and maybe not. Those same 1 percent had a plan to rape pillage and steal historically, and it worked then. Why wouldn’t it work now? The 1 percent can continue to rape, pillage and steal to their heart’s content, because they believe with everyone under house arrest for the next year or two, (maybe much longer) no will protest their taking whatever they want.

The historical record of racist 1 percent top down inspired lock downs is there. The pattern of fraud, deception, propaganda, and looting by the 1 percent is a known fact. Why would they stop now?

Why would the 1 percent at the top of huge monopolies stop lying, cheating and stealing and tell the absolute truth while helping the 99 percent today, when historically, they have done exactly the opposite since the beginning? The 1 percent are used to mandating lock downs from the top down via edicts, ‘laws’, mandates and ‘rules’.

The 99 percent are used to following all of the rules, edicts and laws passed by the 1 percent, especially today, as huge corporations control elections, mass media and entire governments. No one can dare utter a word of dissent or they are censored, deleted, shunned, attacked, jailed, shot with chemical weapons like tear gas, rubber bullets, or worse, eliminated as ‘useless eaters and takers’.

The 1 percent have now expanded this historical theft and looting to an epic scale, as the whole world is locked up and kept under house arrest, for a very weak virus that affects everyone under the age of 60 in the same way that the average flu or cold would.

Absolute power is absolutely corrupting, as are avalanches of money thrown at politicians who are no longer allowed to run or win elections, unless they are ‘controlled’ by billionaires, who get to decide who is elected.

Is this global lock down and profit windfall for the 1 percent all just coincidence, or was it all planned?

You get to decide..