America is on the verge of revolutionary unrest

So anyone who hopes that the country is about to settle down soon and return to the lost Eden that we all left behind in mid-March is in for a very rude awakening. The coronavirus has ripped the mask off every systemic inequality – unequal health care, unequal access, unequal employment cuts, unequal access to shelter, and systemic racism – and the iPhone is holding the camera up to them all. The coronavirus hasn’t gone away, systemic racism hasn’t gone away, Trump’s desire to hammer his critics hasn’t gone away (on the contrary in fact), and the anti-gay animus of the conservative establishment reveals its hidden hand in its endless attempts to blight the lives of the LGBT community here. 

The news media hasn’t been covering the protests this week, but they are just as large, and in fact, they’re growing. Putting your fingers in your ears and pretending it’ll all blow over is the dumbest thing you could do now. It’s more likely to blow up than blow over.

There are upward of forty million unemployed, the systemic racism that has blighted lives here for centuries is exposed and unmasked, the LGBT community is unwilling to have their human rights removed again to placate a religious right who hates them, the coronavirus is raging in states that opened up too early or never took precautions at all, 113,000 Americans have died, more than all the American casualties in the First World War. 

If you don’t think that’s a powder keg, you’re not paying attention. 

Irishcentral America is on the verge of revolutionary unrest