Conservatives Are Comparing Racial Justice Protestors to Maoists – Astute News

A powerful leader appeals to a group of crazy, gun-toting followers to go after his political opponents. He pits the anarchy of the mob against the level-headed policies of experts and sensible politicians. Definitely Mao. But also Donald Trump.

When militia members showed up outside state capitols and the houses of governors to protest stay-at-home measures, the solidly Republican head of the National Association of Manufacturers called them “IDIOTS.” In a video call, Jay Timmons continued, “These people are standing so close together without any protection — with children, for God’s sakes. And they have no concern, and it’s all about them, and it’s all about what they want.”

Donald Trump, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about the protests. He called on his followers to “liberate” Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota. For Virginians, he had an extra message: “save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!” The Second Amendment pertains to the right to keep and bear arms.

When the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death overwhelmed the anti-quarantine actions, Trump displayed the other side of Mao by threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the U.S. military to suppress the demonstrations. Tom Cotton’s vocal support for the action notwithstanding, Trump got serious pushback from former generals and active duty military. Thanks to Pentagon chief Mark Esper refusal to support Trump’s move, America was saved from a Tiananmen Square scenario.

ASTUTE News Conservatives Are Comparing Racial Justice Protestors to Maoists – Astute News

If Trump gets a second term, watch for a huge purge of generals who won’t follow his dictatorial ‘orders’. Then he will have the SS, the Brown Shirts and his loyal Nazi white supremacists to support whatever he wants to do, just like Hitler in Nazi Germany..

What’s next? He already has the closed borders to any ‘outsiders’. He has the concentration camps for asylum seekers. He has the loyal billionaires who love everything he does for them, no matter how many people are suffering or dying.

The next step is concentration camps for anyone disloyal, and the final solution will be imposed in secret, just like under Hitler. Many Trump loyalists are already calling for a civil war.