Dem party insiders unsure if Biden even alive still – BeetPress Satire

Citing concerns over Covid-19, the campaign made the decision in May to suspend most public appearances and set up a makeshift studio in the basement of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home where he could participate in virtual interviews and make statements to the public by video, but these sessions have largely ceased or feature only Biden’s wife Jill.

“Let’s just say Joe Biden did perish, we have the mechanisms in place to continue on without the public really noticing,” explained Center for American Progress’s Neera Tanden, adding “all we have to do is send Jill out to do the media appearances, find a way to cancel the debates, which should be easy enough, and have Kamala Harris or whoever the VP pick is do the campaigning. Throw in some old clips of Joe, run a few campaign ads, and let CNN and MSNBC do the rest. It might actually help our chances in November.”

Dem party insiders unsure if Biden even alive still – BeetPress Satire