Getting my 90 year old Dad off Oxy, and on CBD

Patients for Medical Cannabis

Study Finds Medical Cannabis Safe for Managing Pain in Elderly Patients

After six months, medical cannabis significantly improved pain and quality of life for older adults with minimal side effects. More than 93 percent of 901 participants reported their pain dropped from eight to four on the 10-point scale. Quality of life upgraded from “bad” or “very bad” to “good” or “very good” in approximately 60 percent of patients. More than 70 percent of patients reported experiencing moderate to significant improvement in their condition.

Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Elderly Patients

[Medical Cannabis] is a well-tolerated treatment with improvement noted in chronic pain, sleep, neuropathy, and anxiety in patients ≥75 years of age.  [Adverse effects] that resolved on dosage adjustment were noted in 13% of patients.

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