Here’s Why Trump’s Tulsa Rally Troubles Go WAY BEYOND the Pitiful Turnout

Donald Trump had several weeks to plan his return to the campaign trail after three months of a COVID-19 enforced lockdown. He chose Tulsa, Oklahoma, a deep red city and state that should have guaranteed a capacity crowd of glassy-eyed disciples. but things didn’t work out exactly as planned.

According to the Tulsa fire department, Trump’s rally managed to pack in a measly 6,200 of The Donald’s dimwitted devotees. That’s less than a third of the 19,000 people the arena can accommodate. What’s more, Trump and his campaign bragged repeatedly about having a million requests for tickets and they projected that there would be an overflow crowd of 40,000-60,000 out side the arena where Trump would give an additional speech.

In the end, the legacy of the Tulsa rally will be that it revealed the softening support for Trump’s reelection, while simultaneously flooding his campaign database with bogus info. But at least he had the opportunity to soak up some cheers from his hardcore fans, while reinforcing his reelection themes of being able to drink water with one hand, stopping coronavirus testing, and defending Confederate statues. WINNING?

Daily Kos Here’s Why Trump’s Tulsa Rally Troubles Go WAY BEYOND the Pitiful Turnout

Trump and his followers claimed to have signed up 1 to 2 million people who RSVP’ed for this rally.. In the end, only a teensy weensy fraction of this 2 million showed up at a free rally.

AGR wonders how many of those 6,000 were PAID to show up… Just sayin