Thick blanket of Saharan dust is covering the area

Repeating Islands

page4b030_largePeople from all regions of the Caribbean—from Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas (to name a few)—have been sharing photos on social media showing the mysterious, hazy effects of the Saharan dust sweeping over the area. Here is a short report from Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. According to The Daily Herald, this particularplume, called the Saharan Air Layer (SAL, that rolled into the region this weekend is unusually large and dense.

A massive plume of dust from the Sahara Desert arrived in the local area this weekend and is causing hazy and dusty conditions, said the Meteorological Department of St. Maarten (MDS) on Sunday. Persons with respiratory issues are urged to take precautionary measures.

Known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), this dry dust plume commonly forms between April and October and moves into the tropical Atlantic Ocean every three to five days, according…

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