Coronavirus: Care home ‘a dumping ground’ for patients – BBC News

A woman whose husband tested positive for coronavirus at a care home which admitted two hospital patients who turned out to be infected said it was used as a “dumping ground”. Lynda Goodman’s husband Alex is one of 36 people who have the virus at Cheaney Court care home in Northamptonshire. She said Kettering Hospital “should put their hands up and say they shouldn’t have” moved patients into the home.

BBC Coronavirus: Care home ‘a dumping ground’ for patients – BBC News

AGR; So the ‘official’ plan from Bill Gates is lockdowns, and quarantine of infected individuals.

But in reality, huge globalist corporations get to stay open, while doing business as usual and making HUGE profits due to all of their small business competitors being forced to shut down, because they are ‘non essential’.

Billionaires get to profit HUGE at the top of huge monopolies, as everyone else is laid off and suffering financially, including all of the monopolies competitors, namely small businesses, who cannot open or are severely restricted to the point of losing money forever, even if they are allowed to open again.

Meanwhile, hospitals are ‘dumping’ infected Coronavirus people directly from the hospitals into senior care homes, where they then infect just about everyone there, including the staff. And this is the highest risk population, which should have the highest and best protective measures. In practice, it seems that people like Bill Gates and FOR PROFIT hospitals do not care one whit about people. They are after vaccine and insurance profits, period.

What happens in between here and there, well, who cares?

PROFIT is the name of the game.. nothing else really matters.