Unfit: Bully Billy Barr | Common Dreams

On Tuesday, the New York Bar Association, which has already declared him “unfit to serve,” called for a Congressional probe of the Berman firing, saying it fit Barr’s pattern of nefarious misconduct and raised “enormous concerns,” which we hope is legalese for urging his evil ass be put in jail. The same day, over 80% of the faculty of his alma mater George Washington University Law School, along with multiple legal professionals, called for Barr to resign, for Congress to censure him, and for the DOJ’s Inspector General to investigate him – thus endorsing all the earlier recommendations of 2,500 DOJ alumni. If the horrified consensus Barr is a lawless scumbucket wasn’t enough, newly re-surfaced reports nail down the fact he’s a “lifelong racist, bully and fascist” who as a teenager was already a scumbucket

Unfit: Bully Billy Barr | Common Dreams Further