Lara Logan, the Fox Nation ‘Investigative Journalist’ Who Keeps Falling for Antifa Hoaxes

President Donald Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed antifa is a shadowy group behind nationwide protests and the violence that occurred during some of them—even though the FBI found “no intelligence indicating antifa involvement” in the May 31 protests in Washington, D.C., and antifa is literally never mentioned in the DOJ’s first round of prosecutions. Nevertheless, Logan has been utilized by Fox to lend journalistic cachet to such allegations.

But a review of Logan’s reporting—both online and on Fox News—shows a clear pattern of repeatedly falling for obvious hoaxes and passing along eye-popping but completely unsubstantiated claims.

On May 31, for example, Logan tweeted out an image of a document she alleged to be an antifa battle plan, claiming they had infiltrated law enforcement and provided a “riot” manual for protesters. 

Daily Beast Lara Logan, the Fox Nation ‘Investigative Journalist’ Who Keeps Falling for Antifa Hoaxes

AGR; It is a good signpost of fascism, when fascists start labeling anti fascists as ‘terrorists’. Wake up and smell the Trump fascism. He is openly declaring himself to be a fascist, as he attacks anti fascists.

Remember that it was US troops as anti fascists, who were fighting the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese empire.