Trump to VA Employees: You are Sadistic Thieves | ucomm blog

During one of his rambling moments in the nearly two-hour speech, Trump got onto the subject of the Veterans Affairs Department (VA). After bragging about signing the VA Choice bill, a bill that is meant to help privatize the VA, Trump said the following.

And V.A. accountability, we had a lot of bad people in the V.A. People that didn’t love our vets, people that were sadistic, people that stole, a lot of bad people. You couldn’t get rid of them because they were, let’s say it could be unions, it could be civil service, right, let’s say, let’s just say. And so you couldn’t get it done. That was another one for decades and decades, they wanted to get it changed. And I got it done with those people and your Congressman, your Congressman who I’m going to introduce. V.A. accountability, and now somebody treats our veterans badly and we look at them and what do we say? We say, you’re fired, get out, right? Get out.

Trump’s idea of “cleaning up” the VA included kicking VA union officials out of their offices and attempting to unilaterally force VA employees into a contract that violates the agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement.

UC Trump to VA Employees: You are Sadistic Thieves | ucomm blog