Dr Mercola; Bold Action Required to Defeat Second Wave of COVID-19, With Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps regulate immune function and prevent respiratory illnesses in general, and data analyses show clear parallels between vitamin D levels and the risk of infection, severity and mortality from COVID-19 as well

While U.S. authorities are still trying to debunk (and even instill fear) of vitamin D supplementation, British and Scottish authorities appear to be embracing recommendations to improve public vitamin D levels

The British Frontline Immune Support Team is providing health care workers with free nutritional supplements known to bolster and regulate immune function

Public Health Scotland and the British NHS are also assessing the evidence to determine whether vitamin D should be prescribed to in-hospital patients and as a prevention to high-risk groups

Darker skin requires far more sun exposure to produce adequate vitamin D, so much so that dark-skinned individuals living north of the equator are virtually guaranteed to be chronically deficient

Dr Mercola Bold Action Required to Defeat Second Wave of COVID-19