Joseph Goebbels’ Followers Shaping Policy in Washington | New Eastern Outlook

Back in the 1930s, Doctor Goebbels formulated the core principles behind such war-time and political propaganda. The key is to capture the popular imagination, which is the main aim of any disinformation campaign, and to make sure the propaganda is effective by any means necessary. The bigger the lie is, the more believable it is and the faster it spreads.

In order to bring Goebbels’ teachings to life while conducting psychological operations (PSYOP), in June 2010, the US Department of Defense renamed them to Military Information Support Operations (MISO), which the Pentagon and the CIA are actively involved in.

The CIA and various think tanks, possibly infiltrated by intelligence agents, are actively involved in the creation of numerous propaganda campaigns, which social media and easily influenced media outlets then become a part of. And since everyone involved needs to be paid substantial sums of money, more and more funds are being allocated to information warfare with the help of politicians who are lobbied to support such activities.

Joseph Goebbels’ Followers Shaping Policy in Washington | New Eastern Outlook