Opinion – A Bridge To Far

The long, sad unwinding of the beautifully, humanely motivated Occupy adventure is the latest case in point.  Based on the widely shared conviction of the deeply evil, biocidal  character of cheating, lying, obscene, violent, tottering Capitalism, having definite aims and goals, worthy despite the anxious ridicule of the besieged oligarchic state, it lacked the effectual warhead of a committed, passionate leadership with a defined program for elimination and replacement of the gangrenous piratical corpse it courageously opposed.  And so, rudderless and internally confused, adrift, subject to attrition and relentless abuse at the hands of the System’s police, it broke, dissolved and faded away.  

The reason no such cell of visionary leaders of a potent revolutionary creed exists here is neither single nor simple.  Capitalist America–the monstrous corporate combine that owns and controls the State–has waged ruthless war against any politics intended to benefit the people, but repression alone has never eliminated determined political opposition anywhere.  Decades of highly sophisticated propaganda has debased and lobotomized a victimized electorate but cannot eradicate intelligences that rise above it.  A rebel group can be bought off if traitors run it but never from principled leaders and we’ve had public men who have not sold out and given their all to oppose our vicious system in years gone by, though we have none now.  The best of them were undermined and sabotaged by the very organs of law so falsely celebrated as incorruptible and independent of co-optation. 

The fact is that the combination of repression, propaganda, and legal malfeasance, have so thoroughly strangled truth in America that coalescence of a core team of the best minds and hearts is impossible.  And even if it were not, absolute control of all organs and platforms of communication with American citizens belongs to the criminal State.
 Does the lack of guiding hardcore cadre mean that this broad, inspired effort will come to nothing?  Well, no, in the sense that Occupy didn’t come to nothing, and its effects outlived its endeavors, still reaching hearts and opening minds.  It has already, in its main intent–demand for an end to police murder, for defunding, dissolution, and repurposing of the hideous Waffen SS ethic it has come to embody–made waves of progress that, regardless of success or failure, will never completely subside. 

Information Clearinghouse Opinion – A Bridge To Far