Duke Energy Florida Plans To Double Its Solar Power Capacity

You don’t have to hit the management team at Duke Energy over the head with a 2×4 to get them to wake up to the advantages of solar power, but it might help. Perhaps its executives have been spurred on by the massive investment by cross-state rival NextEra Energy, a division of Florida Power & Light, which plans to install 30 million solar panels between now and 2030. Or perhaps they have stopped drinking the fossil fuel Kool-Aid and noticed that solar power is simply cheaper than nuclear, coal, or natural gas.

olar power has a been a bone of contention in Florida for years, with utility companies waging an aggressive disinformation campaign against rooftop solar. It got so bad, the major utilities spent millions on a campaign for an amendment to the Florida constitution that would have outlawed individual rooftop solar systems. The attitude of the companies has always been, “It’s our electricity, dammit, and we will decide how it is generated and how much you will pay for it.”

Cleantechnia Duke Energy Florida Plans To Double Its Solar Power Capacity