July 4th: Celebrating White Supremacy on Sacred Native Land | OpEdNews

The current US President began Independence Day celebrations on July 3 with a rousing message of White Supremacy on the deeply sacred and stolen land of the Lakota Sioux, at Mount Rushmore. The festivities included an Air Force One flyover and fireworks on land so excessively dry that it has been closed to fireworks for over a decade due to the dangerous potential for wildfires.

In an 1868 treaty, the US Government promised the sacred land of the Black Hills to the Sioux in perpetuity. But gold was discovered less than a decade later, so the US government changed its mind, and took the lands by force, ending with the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. After the 7th U.S. Cavalry division slaughtered hundreds of unarmed Lakota, mostly women and children, the U.S. government awarded 20 soldiers with the highest form of recognition, the Medal of Honor. First Americans have asked for these Medals of Honor, given as rewards for genocide, be rescinded. This is especially poignant in the light of the fact that Native Americans have a history of service in our nation’s military that is disproportionally much larger than their percentage of the overall population.

Every one of over 500 treaties between the US Government and Indigenous Peoples entered into between 1778-1871 has been broken. Every. Single. One.

July 4th: Celebrating White Supremacy on Sacred Native Land | OpEdNews