Far-right ‘Patriots’ beclown themselves on the Fourth of July with two hoax rallies

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, hundreds of militiamen swarmed to the Civil War historical site to defend it against a supposed “antifa” protest that was in fact entirely a hoax and so never materialized. Meanwhile, in Seattle, a small cluster of about 30 Proud Boys and assorted far-right “Patriots” responded to a fake-news outfit’s plans to march through the city’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone—which in fact had been cleared out earlier in the week and was under control of the Seattle Police Department—and found themselves eventually chased out of the city by a similarly sized contingent of counterprotesters.

Hal Turner, a notorious ex-radio host with a long history of involvement in white-supremacist movements, also promoted the Gettysburg hoax, along with a similarly groundless tale that “Antifa” was distributing fireworks in Black neighborhoods as part of a nefarious scheme to condition Americans to the sounds of explosions just before they went on a national rampage killing white people. He claimed the July 4 flag burning was to occur “just before they begin MURDERING White people and BURNING DOWN Suburbs the same day.”

In Seattle, the hoax was more direct: A fake-news site called Prntly began promoting a rally to “retake” the autonomous zone on Capitol Hill, which supposedly featured the participation of Bikers For Trump and the Oath Keepers, a far-right militia organization. The only problem was that both groups denied they were involved in any such plans.

Daily Kos Far-right ‘Patriots’ beclown themselves on the Fourth of July with two hoax rallies