PAIR – Put America in Reverse

Nel's New Day

Once upon a time, Fourth of July celebrations were redolent of picnics; people got together with friends and waited for dark for local fireworks. This year was very different and not only because of the COVID-19 threat. In the new normal, Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) gave racist, divisive speeches to bolster his small base of voters who want to keep the revisionist history of a white nation where not even the Indigenous people belong. Anyone who disagrees belongs to the “angry mob” who wants to “trample on our freedoms.”

In the past week, DDT has lied about his ignoring the Russians’ paying Talibans to kill U.S. troops while he now accuses protesters for social justice of being “un-American.” This came after he called on military police to attack lawful peaceful protesters although he has no objection to people dying of COVID-19. His biggest fight at this time, however, is to…

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