5 Facts About the History of Cannabis

Openhearted Rebellion

By Wes Annac, Cannac

Cannabis is an ancient plant with a long history. From its history in ancient China to its use in India and many other places as a medicine and sacrament; there is no shortage of fascinating information about a plant that has long intrigued people.

Today, cannabis legalization is a source of controversy and fierce debate. This debate has been ongoing for roughly a hundred years, with people arguing that the plant is either benign, a devilish weed we should eradicate, or a savior of mankind.  

Thankfully, many people today are taking a commonsense approach to cannabis. As we begin to accept and utilize it on a larger scale, we should be aware of its fascinating history and role in American politics.

Mankind’s historic relationship with cannabis and hemp is so rich that I couldn’t possibly cover it all here. What I can offer are 5…

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