Concussions in the Elderly | ReThink Concussions

etting the right treatment is key to recovery and preventing further injury and decline in function, says Dr. Puskar. “But too often, important concussion symptoms such as dizziness, balance issues, memory problems, and anxiety, are missed because they’re incorrectly considered part of other concerns, including dementia, depression, or ‘normal aging’ in older adults.” Without proper care, those concussion symptoms may cause older adults — even those who with active, vibrant lifestyles — to “hide away,” which can lead to isolation and a sharp decrease in social and physical activity.

“Quality of life in the elderly can decline without proper treatment of a concussion. Their world becomes smaller and they become frail, which can create more problems,” Dr. Puskar says.

rethinkconcussions Concussions in the Elderly | ReThink Concussions

Concussions can happen due to ordinary falls, traffic accidents or other things that cause brain injury.