Cuba, Chernobyl and COVID-19 | Beyond Nuclear International

Today, as Cuba manages the novel coronavirus pandemic at home while treating thousands of patients abroad, several Republican Senators, with the support of the White House, are leading an attempt to sabotage those efforts. As Code Pink writes, “the Trump administration has been demonizing Cuba’s doctor program and intensifying its blockade against Cuba, going so far as to block a shipment of much-needed coronavirus medical supplies.”

The “demonizing” includes characterizing the overseas efforts of Cuban medical personnel as tantamount to “human trafficking,” with the US warning other countries not to use their services.

The US economic and financial blockade against Cuba has lasted almost 60 years. Now, there are numerous calls for it to end, including from UN Special Rapporteurs, who said in an April statement that “In the pandemic emergency, the lack of will of the US Government to suspend sanctions may lead to a higher risk of such suffering in Cuba and other countries targeted by its sanctions”.

Cuba, Chernobyl and COVID-19 | Beyond Nuclear International