What is Ascension? – Energetic Synthesis

Currently we are in a phase transition of consciousness expansion into the higher dimensional realms in which we may experience ourselves as multidimensional human beings co-existing with many other forces that are living in this planet. During the Ascension cycle, human beings will experience many varied physical symptoms, as we shift our cells into higher frequency patterns and embody more light.

Many years later, having this knowledge eradicates the fear of facing the unknown mysteries that are lying within us. Once we are spiritually initiated into these mysteries of self and our relationship with God, there is no turning back. Since the planet is accelerating so quickly into higher frequency patterns, many more people will experience spontaneous awakening and consciousness altering experiences, that may feel scary without proper context. Many awakening people will not be in spiritual or metaphysical settings when this consciousness shift occurs to them. This can be the sudden and spontaneous awakening of the office professional, the banker, the medical doctor, the average 3D person in the current mass consciousness.

Spiritual awakening is not a disease. Spiritual awakening should not become labeled as an unexplained pathology by the unequipped medical community in so that people are medicated for ascension symptoms. Ascension is a natural biological process for expanding human consciousness and it is inherently a function of human DNA. The ultimate liberation of the human Soul-Spirit comes through this blessing of spiritual awakening or spiritual initiation. Humans must embrace that the planet is shifting consciousness, and prepare themselves for the consciousness change that will forever alter the way that humanity perceives and interacts with the reality. This process is the divine destiny of all humankind and our beautiful planet, a planet that is the heart principle of this Universe. We are enduring an accelerated consciousness evolution timeline and it is time to prepare ourselves.

What is Ascension? – Energetic Synthesis