Postal Service changes could delay mail ballots, puts right to vote by mail in jeapardy

Postmaster general Louis DeJoy just unveiled drastic new directives that could bring the USPS to a grinding halt, destroying customers’ confidence in the agency — and putting our right to vote by mail in jeopardy.

DeJoy must immediately reverse these harmful changes and ensure that everyday Americans have a strong, reliable Postal Service that they can depend on during elections.

The United States Postal Service provides crucial services for Americans nationwide — including enabling millions to vote safely from home this year. But if Trump’s new postmaster general gets his way, the agency will become so overburdened that it can no longer operate.

That means voters will have no way to cast their absentee ballot during this pandemic — potentially disenfranchising millions in November, or forcing them to risk their health at the polls.

Common Cause NEW: Postal Service changes could delay mail ballots