USA: the slide of egalitarian racism – Thierry Meyssan

Puritans took power in England with Lord Cromwell. They decapitated the papist king Charles I, established an egalitarian republic ( Commonwealth ) and colonized Ireland by massacring the Catholics there. This bloodthirsty experiment was short-lived and for a long time discredited the idea of ​​a general interest ( Res Publica ) in the eyes of the English.

he 35 “pilgrim fathers” ( Pilgrim fathers ) departed from Leiden, stopping over in England; then crossed the ocean aboard the Mayflower. They arrived in 1620 in North America to practice their religion there. During their trip, they signed a Pact by which they swore to establish a model society (strict observance of Calvinist faith and worship, intense community life, flawless social and moral discipline). By creating the Colony of Plymouth, they had the hope of building the “New Jerusalem”, after fleeing the “Pharaoh” (James I) and crossing the “Red Sea” (the Atlantic). After a year, they gave thanks to God for their epic celebration celebrated each year under the name of Thanksgiving  [1 ]. They established their capital 60 kilometers north, in Boston. Their community veiled its women, practiced public confessions and corporal punishment

There are two cultures that have always been opposed to the United States among Christians: Calvinists or Puritans on the one hand, Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans on the other. If certain “denominations”, among the eight hundred US Churches, are resolutely on one side, most are crossed by these two currents because Puritanism has no defined theological corpus. It is rather a way of thinking.

The War of Independence began in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party . Its first actor was lawyer John Adams, another direct descendant of one of the 35 “Pilgrim Fathers” and second president of the United States. While the call for Independence was launched by political journalist Thomas Paine on the basis of religious arguments, although he did not himself believe anything.

USA : le dérapage du racisme égalitaire, par Thierry Meyssan