COVID-19 is Fueling a Surge in Global Hunger; 12,000 A Day Could Die Of Starvation

The NGO Oxfam recently lashed out at global food companies in a recent report. Calling the novel coronavirus a “hunger virus,” the writers of this report describe as unconscionable that 12,000 people a day could die from hunger exacerbated by COVID-19 while eight of the world’s largest food companies have paid a collective $18 billion to their shareholders since the beginning of this year.

From Oxfam’s point of view, the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a bevy of social problems all contributing to global hunger, including mass unemployment, declining humanitarian aid, a broken food supply chain, climate change and income inequality.

And despite the fact that certain regions of the world, including North America, the European Union and Australia, can boast food surpluses (despite panic buying), Oxfam paints a nefarious picture of food companies “using” the COVID-19 pandemic to hike prices on consumers.

Triplepundit COVID-19 is Fueling a Surge in Global Hunger

Multiply 12,000 a day starving to death; total = 4,380,000 people dead.

Why isn’t the mass media reporting on this?