Rockefeller-Carnegie Medicine vs. Natural Medicine

So how, without reasonable debate, can one be so sure that those who come from that education model are right and everybody else is wrong? This is a fair question. Those of us looking at the other data have to contend with those who were educated in a way in which alternative information was excluded and demonized. There is no critical thinking if there is no challenge and no debate, just indoctrination, and many in the mainstream practice of medicine are by this way indoctrinated, believing that they are right and everybody else is wrong.

While I did appreciate the debate with “Chin”, I would never just believe him simply because he says that I am wrong and he is right. But that is exactly the mentality those indoctrinated in that school of thought express in, well, just about everything that they do and say. They don’t like a challenge. To them it is simple. You are wrong. They are right. End of story.

Ultimately, our debate was censored by the moderators of the comments section at NBC-affiliate KPRC (News 2 Houston). This isn’t much of a surprise, as they censor me all of the time.

With the rise of Naturopathic medicine, the financial means by which industries in big medicine, such as big pharma, depend on is challenge by the evidence that natural cures work: that nature and thus natural treatments and the body have a symbiotic relationship that cannot be denied or replaced by chemical combinations.

A pill-for-an-ill can kill. Nature intends to grow, preserve, and persevere. These are just the facts, ma’am.

wakingtimes Rockefeller-Carnegie Medicine vs. Natural Medicine