DDT Sends His ‘SS’ to Instigate Violence in Portland, Oregon

Nel's New Day

The closer the 2020 election comes, the crazier (literally!) Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) becomes. Refused the military for breaking up protesters, he sent “federal agents” to Portland (OR) where a peaceful protester stood on the street. Donovan LaBella, 26, (right) kicked a can of tear gas away from him and raised a speaker above his head; DDT’s thugs fired “less lethal” munitions at the man’s face, leaving him hospitalized with a fractured skull as shown in this video.  

In a June tweet, DDT thanked the “SS” for tear gassing peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C. The reference to Nazi SS is appropriate for stormtroopers DDT used to turn Portland into a Third-World culture. During nightly protests, similar to those in other cities, these federal agents, supposedly protecting “federal property,” drive city streets in unmarked minivans, far from federal property, and abduct people not involved in criminal activity…

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