Virologist Dr Drosten: why a cold could make a person immune to coronavirus/Covid-19 – watson

The scientist had already spoken about the corona cold viruses last week. At the time, he pointed out that 15 percent of the colds were caused by well-known corona viruses. And these are so similar to the current virus that they can even cause false positive antibody tests. Incidentally, previous corona viruses have no influence on the PCR test, which is usually used to test for Sars-CoV-2.

The important question now is: Do these well-known corona viruses also become immune to the new virus? This is possible, the virologist continues:

“It could be that certain people who had a cold virus a year or two ago are protected in an unprecedented way.”

Drosten reports on a preprint study from China that has just been published and in which households with infected people have been closely observed. It should be the so-called “day rate”, the number of people who ansteckten at those infected, have been very low. “That is 12, 13 percent,” said the scientist. “How can it be that so many who were in the house do not become infected?

Watson Virologist Drosten: why a cold could be immune to corona – watson