Face Masks; Etymology, History, Theater Masks, Ritual Masks, Functional Masks, Medical, Protective, Entertainment, Disguise, Occupational, Sports, Punitive, Fashion, Horror Films, Ceremonial, Practical, Symbolic – Turning Fear Into A Virtue – Virologist Dr Drosten: why a cold could make a person immune to Coronavirus/Covid-19

Masks are full of symbolic power, which can be used to control, censor, program and/or manipulate. People may not even realize that they are wearing a mask, and/or are being programmed/controlled, because it all happens on a subconscious level. Everyone is wearing a mask, whether they realize it or not, on some level. Corporate, political and religious monopolies within society require that everyone mask up, both internally, and now externally.

A Green Road Journal https://www.agreenroadjournal.com/2020/07/face-masks-etymology-history-theater.html