Andrew Wakefield Releases “1986: The Act” Film All About Big Pharma’s Immunity from Vaccine Liability

Counter Information

Global Research, July 22, 2020
Natural News 21 July 2020

The much-anticipated 1986: The Act film by Andrew Wakefield has finally been released, revealing the truth about the infamous 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) and its detrimental impact on the lives of innocent children.

Now available for online streaming as of July 8, the film is described as a “forensic examination” of the NCVIA, which for nearly 35 years has unjustly shielded the vaccine industry from all liability associated with vaccine-induced injuries and deaths.

Released by 7th Chakra Films, 1986: The Act dredges up the dirty history of how Big Pharma manipulated its way into becoming a protected industry – the only one of its kind – that is never held accountable for the health damage caused by its products.

Many people are unaware that it even exists, for one. It also remains uncommon…

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