America is Having the Mother of All Social Collapses | by umair haque | Jul, 2020 | Eudaimonia and Co

Trump’s America is many things. Even I struggle to express the extent of the calamity in words by now. It’s a place where mass death is an everyday affair. Trump’s America is a plague state, wracked by illness and disease. Trump’s America is an economic trainwreck. It’s a society whose social bonds have been blown apart by hate and brutality and selfishness. It’s a budding police state — those “federal agents” are coming to your streets. It’s a collapsing nation — one imploding into authoritarianism, poverty, disease, and death.

Economically, Trump’s America is Soviet. Politically and socially, it resembles Nazi Germany. And culturally, it’s Taliban-esque, aggressively retrograde. That’s a lot of ruin for one country, which is why it’s so hard to put into words. It really is breathtaking and staggering when you think about it.

Like the Soviet Union, Trump’s America is a place that can’t provide the basics for people anymore. Like decent jobs — 50% of Americans now work “low wage service jobs,” which is today’s jargon for: the menial work of servants to the rich. Like the basic good of public health — America has the world’s worst Coronavirus outbreak by a very long way, and it’s probably not going away…ever. Like decent food or water, which, if you’ve lived in Europe or Canada, are of a whole different league. Like public safety — think of how many kids get shot at school, or how many women and minorities get abused at work. Like money — 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Like hope and optimism for the future, which keeps a society confident, buoyant, gentle, working together — Americans now expect life to get steadily worseThey’re probably right. America can’t provide the most basic of basics for people anymore, from medicine to money to jobs to public health to safety. There’s no deeper way in which a society can fail.

America is Having the Mother of All Social Collapses | by umair haque | Jul, 2020 | Eudaimonia and Co