Infowars Host Promotes Racist Conspiracy About ‘Demographic Replacement’ – Angry White Men

The conspiracy-peddling website Infowars is no stranger to promoting white nationalism. Hosts have given a platform to racists and antisemites including Simon RocheNick FuentesE. Michael JonesHenrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff. And now, one of their hosts directly cited a white nationalist conspiracy that has inspired several acts of terrorism.

This claim echoes the white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, which alleges that white people in majority-white nations are being deliberately “replaced” by immigrants of color. The supposed goal of this conspiracy is to reduce white people to a minority and inexorably change solidly red states to blue states.

This conspiracy theory has motivated a number of terrorist attacks in the past two years, including a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, TX in 2019 which left 23 people dead. The gunman wrote in an online manifesto that he was trying to stop the “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” and claimed that demographic replacement would turn Texas into a Democratic stronghold.