COVID-19 Vaccine Could Mean Regular Injections, No Guarantee Of Immunity

While Dr. Anthony Fauci says he’s hopeful that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available ‘by late fall or early winter,’ it may not be as simple as one jab for a lifetime of immunity, according to the LA Times.

For starters, a COVID-19 vaccine can be released if it’s ‘safe and proves effective’ on as few as 50% of those who receive it, according to recently released federal guidelines. What’s more, the definition of “effective” means that it simply has to ‘minimize the most serious symptoms,’ according to the report….experts say that the first round of COVID-19 vaccines probably won’t eliminate the need for masks, social distancing and other measures. So – after all the promises made by government officials, a vaccine may only reduce symptoms, and may turn into a recurring shot that only works on half the population.

No wonder 70% of Americans are planning to wait to get the vaccine – or won’t get one at all, according to a poll from CBS News – which notes that just 27% of those over 65 would get the vaccine right away, while liberals are twice as likely than conservatives to get one immediately.

naturalblaze COVID-19 Vaccine Could Mean Regular Injections, No Guarantee Of Immunity