KPIX; Strange Coronavirus Side Effect: Empty Hospital ERs – YouTube

VIDEO: 2 min

A quick survey of Bay Area emergency rooms tells the story: patients, even those with life-threatening conditions, are staying away. Jackie Ward reports.

Strange Coronavirus Side Effect: Empty Hospital ERs – YouTube

AGR went to a local major hospital, and the same thing is still true. The ER is completely empty, with only a couple people sitting at a table to make sure anyone wandering in is wearing a mask. But there is no one coming in.. The critical care unit was also quiet, with just a couple nurses wearing only regular clothing, a face mask, and no full suits of haz mat stuff.. There was no jam packed panic with nurses and patients jammed up inside hallways like AGR saw in December 2019.

Back then there was a four wait to be seen in a local hospital. The ER waiting room was PACKED to the brim. Every chair was full. There were no ER rooms available and patients, including pregnant moms about to give birth where given curtains and they were seen in a six foot space in the hallway.

Now there is a deathly silence… no one is there. You can walk right in, and get an ER room RIGHT AWAY, WITH NO WAITING PERIOD.