Dr Mercola; More Big News on Vitamin D for COVID

  • Data from the U.K. show that even low levels of vitamin D offer some protection against COVID-19, which adds to the evidence demonstrating its impact on the severity of the virus
  • Researchers are now studying 628 health care workers of varying ethnicities and assessing their vitamin D levels, evaluating the possibility of a genetic link
  • Vitamin D is vital to your immune health and bone density; it also can help reduce depression, provide relief from inflammatory bowel disease and fight certain cancers
  • The only way to know your vitamin D level is to test it; knowing this you can calculate your expected supplementation to reach your desired level
  • Dr. Grigorios Panagiotou, from Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals in the U.K., has released data from yet another study demonstrating people who required intensive care were more often deficient in vitamin D than those who were not admitted to the ITU (intensive therapy unit).9
  • The data were collected from a single center, and Panagiotou and his team analyzed the inpatient information from 134 patients who had a positive COVID-19 test; he also looked at each person’s serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level taken on admission to the hospital. The researchers were interested in the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in relationship to COVID-19 severity and mortality.10

Dr Mercola https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/08/06/vitamin-d-for-covid.aspx?