U.S. economy gains 1.8 million jobs as recovery loses momentum

“Regular minimum wage is $2.13 for servers,” she said. “When I came to college here and started bartending, the pay was $2.13 an hour. And that was 30 years ago. So unless you have customers, you can’t live.”

A new analysis by the California Policy Lab found that a staggering 57 percent of people who filed for unemployment in the state since the pandemic began have subsequently either lost their jobs again or had their hours slashed.

“We found about 12 percent of businesses that had been closed and reopened had been asked to reclose. It’s not a small number,” said Eric Groves, co-founder and CEO of small business tech firm Alignable.

With the Paycheck Protection Program and other aid funding drying up, Groves said he feared the situation would get worse for small businesses. “In late June, we found that the number of people who reported they were going to be out of cash within a month was going to be close to 50 percent. Among the ones who didn’t receive PPP funds, it was closer to 69 percent.”

NBC U.S. economy gains 1.8 million jobs as recovery loses momentum