Here Are the Billionaires Backing Donald Trump’s Campaign – Forbes

Nearly five years ago Donald Trump descended an escalator inside Trump Tower and announced a long-shot bid to become president of the United States. Standing on a stage in the building’s lobby, in front of eight American flags, he spoke to a gaggle of cameras. “I’m using my own money,” Trump said, indicating that he would self-fund his campaign. “I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.” Contributions made by nearly all donors were made to two joint fundraising committees, Trump Make America Great Again Committee or Trump Victory and then transferred in part to the Donald J. Trump For President Committee.

Here Are the Billionaires Backing Donald Trump’s Campaign – Forbes

This time around, Trump only has 93 billionaires paying him to play their game. Biden as 103 billionaires backing him, while Sanders has ZERO.

Who do people vote for? The lesser evil candidates that are the chosen ones, by billionaires, who have both souled out for the almighty dollar, or the one who has enough virtue and honor to say NO to the corrupting money grubbers in the temple of democracy?