Bygone Sex Scandals from the World of Politics –

Headlines have been full of political sex scandals in recent years, but this is not a new trend. In fact, the worlds of politics and sex have often intertwined with controversial results, ever since ancient times. Today we take a look at eight political stories full of intrigue, action, scandal, murder, and even the occassional romance

According to historian Thucydides, the lovers found conspirators to aid them, but the main goal became to kill Hippias and bring down the tyranny. On the day in question, Harmodius and Aristogeiton saw one of their conspirators being friendly with the Athenian tyrant and thought that their plot had been exposed. Not wanting to go down without a fight, they reasoned that they could, at least, get some personal vengeance, and attacked and killed Hipparchus. They were both killed, Harmodius on the spot and Aristogeiton after being tortured.

Afterwards, Hippias became a much crueler ruler and was eventually overthrown, becoming the last tyrant of Athens. The two lovers who became known as the Tyrannicides had statues erected in their honor and were hailed as heroes for helping to usher in Athenian democracy.

Bygone Sex Scandals from the World of Politics –

Could the present day tyrant known as Trump be toppled due to his cruelty against the people?

Time will tell.